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Flying Angel

May 12, 1993

Once a friend told me her daughter had asked, "Mommy, why didn't God make us fly?" In a dream I remembered that s/he had.

Sitting with friends on a roof, I turned to them and said, "We can fly!" They looked doubtful. I reached out my arms and took off above the meadow, making great figure 8 turns in the air. In bliss, I returned to where they sat. One said, "I'm afraid to fly with this body because I might fall and break a bone." I said, "It doesn't matter which body you fly with, it's the same freedom!"
They were not ready.

I decided to tell more people.


Near the ocean, I found myself in a ballroom full of strangers, who were sitting along the walls playing cards. I moved around the center of the room, my heart pounding as great bouncing steps took me almost up to the high ceiling. I could hardly contain the excitement of what I was about to share. "We can fly!" I said, soaring up to the ceiling, making big sweeping turns around the room. Never even looking up, they continued with their cards. I was invisible to them. "How incredible, I thought, that so many could miss this ecstatic possibility!" I flew through a large doorway into a courtyard and landed beside a couple who were getting out of a sleeping bag. The man began working on a motorcycle. The woman looked at me and said, "I don't know how yet, but I want to try."

We walked out onto some rocks above the ocean and I said, "To fly, you need the intention to do it and the belief that you can." She nodded her understanding. "The energy for it comes from the heart, from love." She gave a little smile and I could see that she was with me. I looked far out to the horizon, and stretching my arms toward my destination, took off into the sky, my heart bursting with freedom and joy. My friend was at my side.


Flying Dream

I had this dream when I was 7. It was in North Carolina, in the summer.

The whole world was covered with pine trees, except for a big meadow. The meadow was like a giant football field. I knew that because I could see it from the sky. My friends and I lived in little houses along the edge of the meadow. Only people that I liked lived there, and nobody else.

One morning I woke up really early, just when it was starting to get light. I put on my blue sweater with the buttons in the front and walked across the grass out into the middle of the meadow. I could feel that the grass was a little wet because I didn't have on any shoes. A warm wind was blowing. I saw a beautiful rainbow that went from me all the way into the sky. I looked up the rainbow and opened the front of my sweater so it was like a kite. Then the wind got inside my sweater and I flew up the rainbow! I was so happy I could hardly breathe, and I never wanted to wake up, but I woke up anyway. A warm wind from the window was blowing on my feet.

I never wrote down this dream before, but I never forgot it. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life.



December 11, 1994

I was approaching the railway crossing in Truckee when three gates closed in front of me. The first was chicken wire, the second was solid metal and the last, near the tracks, was barbed wire. I could hear the train far away but was sure I could make it across the tracks before it came.

I easily flew over the first two gates. The third seemed very high. I jumped up and grabbed the top wire between the barbs, trying unsuccessfully to pull myself over. I dropped to the ground, stepped back and the gate swung open by itself.

My friend Jane and her son Tristan came up beside me. Tristan was looking like a cherub. He wanted to fly and I knew it would be easy for him. We were flying slowly up a grassy trail, just above the ground. I was telling Tristan that flying is a metaphor for living our dreams. If one person can do it, we all can do it, each in our own way. I told him flying is the experience of no limits, the ultimate expression of personal freedom, but that flying freely depends also on carrying our share of life's responsibilities.

As we were about to swoop ecstatically down the hill, we came upon a pile of dishes that needed to be washed. We settled beside them and began to wash them.


June, 1996

I was in a big old multi-storey house full of people. Everyone was dancing. The dance teacher was a man. I was dancing and flying in the big room, swooping around like a bat. I was having fun and not paying much attention to the teacher.

One by one, people started asking me to teach them how to fly. I wanted to teach them, but I didn't know how I did it. I just put my attention on where I wanted to go, stretched my arms out and it happened. I said, "You intend yourself to go where you want to go, and then just go there." I took off and the whole room took off with me.